Disputes are part of every life, especially for those who operate in a competitive business environment. For those who find themselves approaching a dispute or in the midst of one, sound legal guidance is the only way to understand one’s rights and obligations.

Areas of Practice:

  • Corporate Litigation
  • Consumer Protection Laws
  • Copyright/Trademark Disputes
  • HOA Disputes
  • Eminent Domain
  • Landlord/Tenant Disputes

Relevant terms: Breach of Contract: A “breached” contract is one in which a material term, or promise, has been broken. This leads to dispute where there is harm that accompanies the breach, and leads to headache if neither party knows how to act when the breach occurs, and whether to litigate or to come to a new agreement without the courts. Unjust Enrichment: One is unjustly enriched when, even though a contract does not exist, they receive services from another person with knowledge that those services are beneficial. Negligence: Negligence occurs when somebody failed to perform a duty, and that failure caused harm. This occurs when someone, with knowledge that the duty existed, acted without reasonable care to perform it.