Intellectual property needs to be cultivated and actively protected. Find what is protectable in your business and make sure that you claim your right to it, and then enforce that right throughout the existence of your business. By protecting your intellectual property, you protect your prior investment of time, labor and creativity.

Areas of Practice:

  • Business Strategy in a Competitive Intellectual Property Environment
  • Copyright/Trademark Advisement
  • Copyright/Trademark Filing
  • Copyright/Trademark Enforcement

Relevant terms: Copyright: A copyright is the right held by an author to an expression that is published in a tangible medium. This cannot be a catchphrase, slogan, or service mark unless those things are fixed to a tangible medium and are otherwise creative expressions. Although a copyright attaches automatically on publication, a copyright must be enforced by its owner. Trademark: A trademark is a form of intellectual property that identifies a brand, be it a mark, phrase, slogan, or even a hashtag. A trademark protects expression that identifies a product or service, and can attach over time. It also must be protected by its owner, otherwise the exclusive right to use it can be lost.