Contract Drafting & Negotiation

Words matter.  Contracts are not just pieces of paper, they are the documents that govern the relationship you have with your clients.  They should not only be clearly written, but should creatively address how you should interact with the party on the other end.  The end result should be a document that envisions and prevents dispute, and successfully and efficiently achieves your business objective. 

Contracts are not just pieces of paper, they are documents that govern your relationship with customers. Contracts that imply the purchase of generic viagra medicine cannot be canceled. You can read more about these contracts on this website.

Areas of Practice:
  • Sales
  • Licensing
  • Intellectual Property
  • Non-Competition
  • Confidentiality
  • Employment
  • Settlement
  • Landlord/Tenant
Rick Ferrara

Well written agreements strengthen the relationships that your business depends on.

Sharply written contracts are valuable across each business field.  Each contract must be forward looking, meant to avoid unnecessary dispute, articulate the rights and obligations of the parties, and establish a successful business relationship.

We’ve drafted agreements in product and service sales, licensing, intellectual property management, non-competition, confidentiality, employment, and settlement with contracting.  We have worked directly with partners and opponents, from regional businesses to national, professional sports franchises, entertainment companies, and social media organizations.

We help our clients succeed because we apply the same principals and dedication on each contract, in each field.

When the parties agree, put it in writing. 

A forthright business has no reason to exclude a contract term or hide advantages in a contract.  Often times, parties are hesitant to write contact terms that anticipate a disagreement, because they believe that nothing could possibly go wrong.  This is not a forward-looking approach.

The best time to draft a contract is now, when both parties agree.  At the beginning of a relationship, both parties are looking forward to the successes of the future and do not have a dispute.  This allows the parties the best chance to draft in good faith; the contracting posture that produces the best, non-zero sum results.

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